Road Closures & Parking Restrictions for the Gold Cup Parade

Residents, businesses and visitors are asked to make special travel arrangements on Friday, August 18th as road closures will be in place starting at 7 a.m. along the parade route.

Road Closed: North River Road will be closed from Seaview Boulevard to McGill Avenue beginning at 7 a.m. until the completion of the parade at approximately 12 p.m. (noon). Only registered parade entries will be permitted via North River Road at Belvedere Avenue.

The following roads will be closed in advance of the parade as early at 9am until the conclusion of the parade:
– North River Rd at McGill continuing on North River Rd to Brighton Rd.
– Brighton Rd. to Euston St. and then Euston St. to Great George St.
– Great George St. to Grafton St. and then Grafton St. to Queen St.
– Queen St. to Water St. and then Water St. to Weymouth St. ending on Water St. at Grafton.

Note: Water St. access from Grafton at Water St. will be closed to traffic at approx.10:30 a.m. with controlled access to the medical center from Weymouth St. upon advising traffic control personnel.

Residents, business and visitors are reminded to make alternate arrangements as accessing or leaving certain areas of the city by vehicle will be limited or inaccessible on the west side and south of the parade route. Parking on the north or east side out of the parade route is recommended if you need to leave the city during that time. Consult parade map for details.

PARKING NOTICE: Parking will be prohibited along the entire parade route from the early morning hours on Friday, August 18th until the conclusion of the parade. Residents and visitors are asked to make alternate arrangements for their vehicles prior to the 18th. Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense without notice.