Gold Cup Parade Car Entry Application Form

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Guidelines for Gold Cup Parade Antique Car Entries

Gold Cup Parade Committee

  1. The vehicle MUST be considered an antique (25 years or older), and should therefore date from the 1990 or older.
  2. Due to esthetic and safety reasons, the vehicle MUST be in good physical condition – there should be no extensive rust or body damage, nor any loose parts. The vehicle should also be in good running condition – there should be no risk of the vehicle breaking down along the parade.
  3. The vehicle MUST be able to maintain a speed of 5 kms per hour. Vehicles that are unable to maintain this required speed will cause gaps to form within the parade lineup. The Committee has the right to dismiss vehicles who cannot maintain the required speed from the parade.
  4. Please perform a maintenance check on your vehicle before the parade. Vehicles participating in the parade are either idling or moving at very slow speeds for an extended period of time. Therefore, fluid levels should be adequate and the gas tank should be full.
  5. Please be creative with your entry! Vehicles should be decorated and passengers should be in costume. For example, a 1960s mustang could be decorated with a beach theme – a surf board and beach balls in the back, Beach Boys music playing, and passengers wearing Hawaiian.

Please consider these guidelines when applying to enter a vehicle in the Gold Cup Parade. All applications are reviewed by the Parade Committee, who maintain the right to refuse an entry if some or all of the above guidelines are not met.

Please view our Rules & Guidelines Document here: Rules and Guidelines

Application Deadline is August 1st.

Car Entry Application

  • NOTES:
    • Vehicle photo must accompany application
    • An application fee of $25.00 must accompany your application form on return to the committee. Please make cheques payable to:
    Gold Cup Parade Committee PO Box 67 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K2